Our story

The Waverleys are a band built upon coincidences. The first gig they

got was through a couple of pints of Kilkenny, a Scottish accent and a smile.

That was before there was even a band...


The band made their first recordings in November 2008 in Tune Studio, Malmö

and were born onto the live scene on St Andrews Day.

The Waverleys released their debut CD on November 30th 2009.

The band have played many gigs around the Skåne region and has now included two trips over to Scotland.



Our band

Martin Berwick

Guitar, Harmonica & Lead vocals

Markus Sjöberg  Mandolin & vocals
Ludde Olsson  Fiddle & vocals
Jonathan Raleigh Bodhran & vocals


Our music

The majority of our music consists of traditional Scottish songs that Martin learned from his father Shaunnie Berwick, a great harmonica player from Scotland.

We combine the Scottish music with the Irish that Jonathan played for years, learned from his father and several trips to the lively bars on the green Isle.


The band have developed a special blend of blue grass and raunchy irish swing to their music as well as the highly praised 4 part vocal harmonies.





















  Scottish folk music band

 from Malmö


























Twelve highlanders and a bagpipe makes a rebellion.

-Scottish proverb